...a few tablespoons Bradley Cooper and a dash of Jeremy Renner and you have Chris Hayes. Chris’ foray into acting began at an early age when he wanted to be the lead in his 8th grade production of Romeo and Juliet purely so he could kiss the girl who was playing Juliet. However, there was one snag: he was a chubby little troll. Not exactly "Romeo" material, thus, he got Mercutio instead. The result?  He was hilarious and stole the show.

As an award-winning actor/producer represented by Untitled Entertainment, Chris has produced content for Netflix, Redbox, and the Cannes Film Festival. His talent stretches in front of the camera as well, amassing several co-starring roles including playing opposite Shailene Woodley and Oscar Winner Kate Winslet in Divergent. Last year, he executive produced & starred in the micro budget hit The Crying Dead that secured global distribution through Viva Pictures. 

Chris was born in San Antonio, TX, raised in New Jersey, and currently resides in Santa Monica, CA.